Radio Show Piece-Worst Date Ever

Bridget and I figured out a while ago that our friends Courtney and Erik had gone on an awful date together in high school. We decided that it would make for a great piece to hear both sides of the story

My friend Erik is a great guy. He is funny, sweet, tall, and enjoys when I make him popcorn. He talks about this date a lot, and he has gotten very good at telling it. He has learned his lesson about proper etiquette and now always goes to the door.


Me and Erik celebrating this past weekend

Arranging a time to get him to sit him down and talk to me was hard. We are both very busy, and he is often on North Campus( an enginerd).We went on spring break together , part of which included an 18 hour car ride. I had ample time then, but the car did not set the scene I wanted. He was driving and not as animated as he usually is when he tells the story. He had to focus on the road and couldn’t be as expressive with his hands, and I think it lost some of that expressiveness in his voice as well.

So when we got back, our friends were going out for a friends birthday. I got him away from the group for a bit and recorded the story.

He gave me 15 minutes worth of tape. There were a lot more little anecdotes that did not  have to exactly do with the date story. It was hard to figure out what to cut out and what to keep since at from his telling, it was all important to the over all story.

Bridget and I worked together to see what pieces of the story matched up and even better, didn’t.We listened to both. Courtney’s portion was recorded in a quiet space, so there was no background noice. Erik’s is loud and sets the scene. We used Garageband to edit after trying for a long time to fiugre out how to audacity. It was much easier, but the file extensions were a bit wonky. Anyway… is our final product!

ps we did finally tell them in the end that we recorded the other person


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