Final Photo Essay- My People

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When looking through all of the pictures I tend to take, I noticed that they are of my friends doing our favorite activities–eating, drinking, skiing, etc. My people are who I spend my time with and who I share in these activities with. I chose photos that showed this. It hard to find pictures that were not specifically posed, and I had to work to covertly take photos. All of the photos that I chose to include have my friends faces, I tried to capture them beingt themselves, being my people.

I edited all the photos slightly to make them look cohesive. I didn’t want to include any photos of landscape or scenery, I wanted to focus on my people’s faces andactions. I chose this because regardless of where we are or what we are doing, they are still my people. The photos of my people range from my dog ( who is a person), to my dad, to my roommates and other friends. Sadly I did not get to inlcude other people who I would consider to be people. Due to proximity, I could only get photos of my college people. This comes at a sad and exciting time… Graduation. Looking through all of my photos made me sad to be leaving these friends who have grown into my people over the last four years. How will the continue to be a part my life? Through doing the same things we do now: eating and drinking. These photos a long with others will aide me in remembering my people regardless of where they are. I took all of my photos with my phone. It was the most convenient device to pull out to take photos without having my friends pose awkwardly. I had fun editing them and playing with the exposure, saturation, composition, etc.

I varied the types of filters used for the photos. I began with the intention of having all of the photos bein bright color, but the quality of some of the photos was not conducive to this. In the end only 2 photos are not in brigt colors, however the black and white aided in placing the focus of the photos on my people and not the location.

My people for the most part are at a stand still. Only one of my photos shows motion and it is of my two guy friends walking. We are always doing activities so I chose this stand out photo due to its representativeness of things that we do together. I found that a lot of photos were of the same people, so I had to make an extra effort to take photos of people I may not be photographing all of the time. I also do not tend to take photos very often, Some of my other friends tend to take photos more frequently than I do. This project helped me document my friends and my last semester at the University of Michigan. I ended up with a lot of photos that I was very happy to have but I did not like necessarily for this project.

I love my friends and family, and I really enjoyed taking and editing photos of them. I am going to cherish the photos I took of them and hopefully they will appreciate them as well. I recently did a project on mobile phone usage for photo taking sharing, and I found that people don’t print out photos anymore. Rather, they look and share photos via their mobile devices. Creating this series of photos of “My People” will be something that I definitely share with others.

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