Design Create #4- Ted Talk


For my fantasy Ted Talk, I chose Shosh from Girls giving a talk on ” The Correlation Between Men’s Willingness to Pursue Employment and Number of Things Hated”. At the end of this season, Shosh broke up with her boyfriend because he lacked any sort of motivation and hated everything but her. She could not longer tolerate his negativity in her life as she grows into a full formed human.

So first I found a picture of the actress that plays shosh standing up, it was strangely hard to find full body pictures of people standing up. I cut her out of that photo and put her into the template. Then I made a graph of all the things Shosh lists that Ray hates in their break up scene.I estimated how much he hates each item.

Design Create #5- Color Splash


CC bowtoo

I luckily found an excellent tutorial on how to do color splash. I chose this photo of blooming cherry blossoms from Flickr. Spring has finally arrived, kind of, and I wanted to highlight the colors of spring in the photo. I used the various red and pinks and made the rest of the dead like branches black and white.

Design Create #3- Truthful Movie Poster



So I learned how to do something other than change the colors, I also know how to cut and blend thing–Big week.

I redid the movie poster for the recently released movie Spring Breakers. Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens have been called out for trying to break out of their Disney past and forge into adult acting. I have not yet seen the movie, but I hope to.These girls took a page out of Miley’s playbook, they can’t be tamed– at least they play girls like that while Miley actually can’t be tamed.

I took out the original title and the actual production company. I replaced it with my own, however I could not find the actual font that was used I tried to use a similar one.Then I added  my own little color commentary about each of the actors in the film. The one no one knows is actually married to the director (he is 14 years her senior).


Minimalism– There is always money in the banana stand

There are a lot of minimalist fan made art for most of the shows that I love. But the one that I am most excited for its return is Arrested Development. We have waited years and years for this, and it is almost here. The logo for arrested development is pretty simple already, but adding the outlines of the characters is a great addition.

Are you calling me chicken?



Each of the Bluth’s is shown as outlines of their chicken dance. It is a running gag on the show that every person in the family has a different interpretation as to what a chicken looks and sounds like. I love how each character fully commits to their own variation of the chicken.

Design Create- Album Without Sounds



For my own little design create I decided to make my very own album without sound. Xianjue Subdistrict was what came up for my random wikipedia article, the little lego tank was my flickr pic and the last line of the last quote was Learn to labour and to wait which is from

Let us, then be up and doing,
With a heart for any fate;
Still achieving, still pursuing,
Learn to labour and to wait.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I chose a stencil like font for the band name, it reminded me of the branding on the boxes of military secrets in Indiana Jones. I wanted the title to be a little different and on the opposite corner as the band name. I chose a softer font and matched the color to one of the components on the tank. I feel like this band is kinda hipster with diverse band members who all met in an Asian culture class in college. They small gigs which are mostly attended by girlfriends and friends. The band is not their full time pursuits.

Albums Without Sounds

This was my favorite Album Without Sound. When I was looking through them I was thinking about the type of music that each held and who was in the band. This one seemed like it could be a Black Keys album cover. There are no faces, seemingly older men playing poker–high stakes. I really like the vintage like type face and matching the colors to the colors of the lines on the felt. The title is placed in a space that does not disrupt the images in the  photo. This album is some awesome bluesy rock album, something great to drive along to.

Weekly Recap

1. We finished our audio section! I really enjoyed working on the dating piece with Bridget. It was fun tricking Erik and Courtney into telling us their sides of the story. And it even resulted in the two of them sort of trying to talk again

2. Tinder is weird wild world of weirdos, I have so many screenshots of the weird messages I’ve gotten I’m considering making a collage.

3. I was home this past weekend and we got a huge snowstorm which trapped me in my house without internet or tv. So I made this.

4. For our own little venture in design I did a troll quote mashing together Meryl Streep, Margaret Thatcher, Hillary Clinton, and Cher Horwitz

5. How Images think response– I really liked these readings, it made me really consider all the various images that we see everyday and the meaning that we are supposed to interpret from them.

Design Create #2- Troll Quote

ms copy



For this troll quote I took one of my favorite lines from Clueless. Cher is arguing about immigration and Haitians by comparing it to her father’s birthday party. She argues that the US has room for everyone at the table, if you just rearrange a little. Its quite brilliant even though Mr.Hall have her a C.

Then I chose a picture of Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher for added later of trollness. Finally I attributed the quote to our very own former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

I matched the color of the font  the colors in Meryl/Margaret’s power suit because that about how good my photoshop skills are–changing colors.

Design Create #1

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 3.26.02 PM


I took this picture from my kitchen window when I was home on Friday. I added a filter called “salamander” to the photo to make it look a bit old timey. The first day of spring was Wednesday, and then there was a large snowfall on Friday… the world is coming to an end

Response- How Images Think

This reading brought together a lot of different things that I am currently learning about. It was awesome watching Burnett unfold his argument and connect a range of topics from the holocaust to internet hyperlinking. I am currently taking a class on perspectives of the holocaust. In it we have watched Night and Fog and read the poetry of Primo Levi, both of which Burnett mentions. The photographs taken to document the holocaust are very important to the remembering the tragedies that happened. Without the photographs there would only be words. After seeing Night and Fog, our class discussed how much harder it was watching the cruelty and inhumane conditions of the camps than it was to read about them. We also discussed how people can still even deny such events with so much physical and photographic evidence. Burnett says ” photographs are only records if viewers agree by the convention of truth that is present”; he separates the photography and record keeping. I had never thought of a difference like that before. We take photos to capture moments and memories, they are a physical record of a time that cannot be revisited.

Vantage Point CC niXerKG


But what happens when photos are manipulated and edited? Are they still records or are they something else entirely? When I was younger, I used to always edit out mine and my friends blemishes in photos before posting then on facebook. It was a common courtesy. But, when I look back at the photos in many years will my memory of that time be changed, will I remember myself having that awful zit or will it reflect the edited the photo? The interpretation of the past has been mediated by the edited photo.

Burnett also mentions how photos are material for an endless number of digressions. A photo can be taken and changed simply by creating a different context for it, or editing it drastically. It can be remixed revamped and recolored any which way.