“What was the last lie you told?”

For our first audio assignment, my question was highly relevant to what we have been listening to all week. After listening to Deception, I learned that liars sometimes prosper, and that people who lie have more connections in their brains, they are able to lie quickly without thinking about it.

While I was asking people what their last lie was, I happened to only ask one male ( just due to availability of the sample). The only make I asked was the only person to say that they didn’t lie. He wouldn’t tell me, and this statement I immediately took as a lie. It is impossible to get through life without lying to others and ourselves. These lies don’t have to be malicious, as seen in the example of the athletes–telling themselves that are the best, the fastest, champions. Lies are useful, they help to protect people’s feelings, and to protect one’s own reputation.

Response- Valentines Day 2013

CC Flickr user bombardier

Valentines day 2013 was an all around bizarre day. That was the day that Oscar Pistorius allegedly murdered his girlfriend, that day the an SWAT team came to Angel Hall, the day that people were going a bit crazy lamenting over how much the day sucked.So this episode of This American Life was fittingly titled Valentines Day 2013, even though the stories that were told did not occur on that day. Each segment told a piece of the craziness and weirdness people will put up with for “love”.

When  I was listening to the program I didn’t really know what to do with myself- where was I supposed to direct my face, what was I supposed to do with my hands, could I be doing other things while trying to listen? I tried to be on my computer, but I found myself easily distracted by everything online especially during the duck story, which did not hold my attention at all.Then I tried just laying down and listening, but I found myself drifting off to sleep. Whenever I had listened to the radio in the past, I was driving, my attention was to the road and my hands were on the steering wheel.

I really enjoyed the first segment and the last one. The first one segment about the physicists calculating the potential number of women available to them reminded my of a scene from A Beautiful Mind, where Russel Crowe’s character uses game theory to ensure that he and the rest of friends wind up with dates.

Mike Birbiglia’s final segment about his girlfriends boyfriend was great. It was both funny and serious with the ending moral of the story, “sometimes when you want to be in a place so badly, you’d do anything”.  Sleepwalk With Me has been in my Netflix instant queue for months, I hope to get around to it soon.





Weekly Reccap

This week we concluded our video section of class. I am happy about the way that my videos turned out.

1. Breakfast Club Harlem shake. I don’t think I am ever going to get sick of harlem shake videos. And because of the new Billboard/Nielsen tracking system including youtube views, Harlem Shake is number on the Billboard Top 100. 

2. Me and Bridget worked together t0 make our What Is Informatics? video which is lovingly dedicated to our favorite GSI ever-Vidal

3. My best friend Ariel was invited to his first christmas party ever this past year, so he invited me to go with him. We are both celebrators of Channukah so it was a total novelty to us. Here he is celebrating holidays

4. Popcorn is actually one of my favorite foods, and I make at least once a week for dinner when I do not have any actual food in the kitchen.

5. Susie D is the best!

Response- Listening In

Susan Douglas is one my favorite professors at the University(and not just because she was on Oprah), so I was excited to read a piece by her. She is big on the history of communication methods and the representation of women in the media.

ps her favorite LFO song is Girl on TV

Douglas talks about how radio allowed for listeners to flex their imaginations. Radio solely gives the listener an aural description go characters, scenery and action; it is left to the individual to fill in the rest. TV gives viewers everything that Radio leaves out. You can see where the characters are, their faces, their body language etc. I agree with her that allowing the imagination to roam free is important for people, but I think that TV has figured out ways to make viewers think in other ways. For example in Lost, there was a never ending stream of clues, red herrings, and easter eggs dropped weekly. Viewers could collectively talk about what they saw, compare notes on theories etc. ( Yes, Lost was a major let down in the end, but it did something different)

Making viewers think fills the need that radio left. It creates a dialogue. Viewers aren’t going to the symbolic water cooler to talk. Fandom crosses borders worldwide online. Douglas talks about how radio allowed for men to negotiate the changing notion of masculinity through amateur Ham radio communities. I think that this negotiation can be taken a step forward, people of all different religious and cultural backgrounds have the potential to bond over a fandom of some sort, be it a tv show, movie, or radio show.

Regardless of new technologies, radio has persevered. The only time that I ever really listen to the radio is when I’m driving. I like to be able to flip  through a number of stations, however I hate it when I go from one station to another and the same exact song if playing on both. This plus the number of commercials on the radio is what driving young people away from traditional broadcast to streaming from their phones, and satellite radio.

Video #3- What is Informatics?

I have had this conversation too many times to count

” So what’s your major?”

“Communications and Informatics”

“Oh, cool…..”

Whoever I am talking to usually has no idea what I’m talking about when I say what my second major is, and I have to prompt them to feel comfortable with admitting that they do not know the hell I am talking about.

This is a very common problem for all informatics majors, so Bridget and I decided to make a video answering this very question.

We were able to quickly round up a number of people in our major. I rented a camera from ISS  it was a very dinky thing)and interviewed all of our peers. They were all asked the same questions and gave great answers. It was funny to hear how everyone described it. One of the questions I asked was to describe Informatics in the way you explain it to your parents friends, which is always the most difficult group of people to explain to.

Bridget hard at work editing

Bridget hard at work editing

For those out of the loop, Vidal is the reason why half of us are graduating. He was our IA in EECS 282 and for other in SI 182 ( Java and Pyhton respectively) and we are all obsessed with him.

we love (cheesey bread) Vidal

we ❤ Vidal

So here is our What is Informatics video:

And our favorite would be informatics major — Tom Haverford:

Video #2- Breakfast Club Harlem Shake

After spending literally all weekend watching harlem shake videos, I knew I wanted to do one for one of our video projects. I tried to organize my friends one night after getting home from the bars, however they were not willing to aid me in my endeavor.

Instead I decided to repurpose scenes of other people dancing into the harlem shake. Initially I wanted to do a mashup of all the dance scenes in John Hughes movies( Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller, Pretty in Pink, and The Breakfast Club)and even imported all the various clips. However after selecting the clips I realized that it would be very difficult to get it all down to approximately 30 seconds.

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 8.51.31 PM  I realized that the majority of the clips I was using came solely from The Breakfast Club scene. The Breakfast Club dance scene is a very memorable moment of the movie after they all get high, and I thought it would be funny if it were to be repurposed as the Harlem Shake.

Because if a group of teens were stuck alone in a library on a Saturday of course they would make a viral video of a trending meme.



Here is the original dance scene:

And here is my harlem shake version:

I could watch every single harlem shake video imaginable.. but currently this one is my favorite



Weekly Recap

This week has gone by very quickly, but it has been great seeing what everybody has been working on!

Photo on 2-17-13 at 9.13 PM

What I look like when iMovie hates me

1. We got started working on project Beardfish, so I found the time to watch Catfish this weekend. People on the internet are so weird

2. I bought an inflatable innertube sled thing to hopefully use if and when we get some more snow( it was on clearance for $2.00)

3. The Everything is a Remix video series was great. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the films. Though I did go back and watch the extra Tarantino one, which is terrific. You can tell the sketch they did on SNL made note of all of his technique.

4. I finished my first video. A supercut of people saying my name

5. I ate popcorn for dinner this evening because I have no other food. I tried to embed the vine video directly into wordpress but the code wasn’t staying after clicking publish which was weird

6. I’m excited to be able to use iMovie now, even if it is in the most basic way!