Video Goals

My goals for the video portion of the class are to feel more comfortable using video editing software and to be able create something interesting. I have iMovie on my computer and have never opened it, so that’s my first goal–opening the program. I, like many others, have spent many hours watching youtube videos. I hope to be able to create something that can hold someones attention for 1-2 minutes.

Basically to feel like this kid:

Weekly Recap

Woo week 2 is done, and here is another list!

1. With only one class this week we didn’t get to start our new projects, but our conversation about education was really in depth, and it was compelling to hear all our thoughts and ideas. I found this satire from Salon written by author Adam Mansbach of “Go the Fuck to Sleep“. It’s a fake syllabus from a professor who realizes the limitations of the classroom, very interesting looking at thinks from the other side.

2. There were some really interesting daily creates this wee. The first one I did was about the sky, and first think I thought of as a descriptive was “What’s up?”, because I still have the humor of a 5th grader.  I don’t think I ever really describe the sky with color in mind.

3. One of my really good friends is an intern at Michigan Radio this semester,so I got a chance to talk to him about what he does and how he likes it. He told me that he thinks they do a better job managing the Facebook page than Twitter. He is a news junkie, so he told me some cool things he’s been able to do since working there. I liked looking at the site, the navigation was a little confusing though. Michigan Radio

4. Sunday’s daily create was really fun. I liked looking at everyone else’s post and seeing how the described their breakfast and thinking about what they actually ate. Brett’s and Ariana’s looked really good(and mine).

5. The Harvard Business Review articles were really great. I agree that the commonly used image of marketing and decisionmaking being a tunnel is outdated and that the Customer Decision journey is a much better outlook. Purchasing truly is a journey and the relationship between the consumer and brand that forms can be maintained by the highest level of possible (the CEO).

Response to HBR Articles

(This guy is awesome and this campaign was great)

Social Media has broken down the wall between consumer and the products that they buy. Any company would be failing by not allocating funds towards the usability of a website, social media specialists, and excellent customer service. All things are key for having a positive reputation online as well as in stores.

In the essay “What’s Your Personal Social Media Strategy?” I agree that all CEOs and those people who speak for large companies need to get a type of social media account. Being active on Twitter can humanize a figure who usually represents fiscal security, it adds klout to your know how, and make it seem like you know how to connect with others. I think the issue with the lack of CEOs being on social media sites is the generational gap. Our parents and grandparents have a notion that everything should be private, and place a very high value on personal privacy. However, it is my own belief that nothing will be private in the future. People must be aware that their lives are very well documented and finable online. As soon as this is accepted, than tweeting and going on facebook is easier to join in on.

Adding authenticity is something that social media allows companies and their spokes people to do, as was talked about in “Branding in the Digital Age: You’re Spending Your Money in All the Wrong Places”. In terms of spokespeople it can show who is actually using a product, which was an issue for Microsoft and their endorsement from Oprah regarding their new tablet, the Surface.Oprah’s endorsement made me consider getting the Surface, since she is someone who I absolutely trust when it comes to product recommendations. However, she tweeted how much loved her Surface tablet from her iPad! Although she is a great endorsment, her readers and fans know that she doesn’t actually use the device.

Daily Create-Breakfast

The Blue House Special-

A dish appeasing to all corners of the food pyramid. Contains two farm fresh eggs scrambled, a blend of mozzarella and Colby jack cheese, a dash of in house hot sauce with a side of 2 slices of whole grain bread toasted to perfection with your choice of either butter or raspberry chutney and a seasonal fruit assortment.

– $13


Michigan Radio

The Michigan Radio is very representative of what the radio station is about. Its too flashy, and just serious enough to attract its NPR listening audience.  I thought their way of color coding the :most Active Stories” was interesting and reminds me of the national security color scale. The chart does not say why the story is “active”: active in what? In click rates, Facebook likes/comments, Twitter click throughs?


I looked at both their Facebook page and Twitter feed, and found that they have more followers on Twitter than likes on Facebook by about 2,000. However, I thought that the Facebook page was more interactive with audience members. I followed their recent hashtag “earlyed” about a childhood education. The feed was really successful and engaging; it is still continuing after the broadcast.

I don’t usually listen to NPR, but when I was looking at the website I clicked on the “Listen Live” feature to help get a sense of what would be to be playing at the time. It is show called “Ask Me Another” which I immediately fell in love with. It was a whole show about trivia, puzzles and knowing more than other people–which I love.

I read through a couple of articles on the site each day, but here are the ones I really liked:

About the “Harbaugl” and the Harbaughs ties to Ann Arbor as well as Michigan 

What a “scrum” is, and how petrifying it would be to be in one

A new segment about the English language with one of housemates favorite professors

Weekly Recap

I am big on lists, so this is going to be in list format.
1.  I thought a lot about my favorite place to do work and I realized that I really only do work where my friends are- since going to the library alone makes it very difficult to go to the bathroom since there is no one to watch your stuff.
2. Talking about copyright and reading about creative commons was really interesting. I thought it was really important that we learn about the death of Aaron Swartz since his story is one that is going be monumental to the future development of copyright
3. The second daily create- your favorite thing? Skiing, I am from Colorado and have been skiing my whole life, I am happiest when i am skiing and the sun is out and theres fresh snow. its meditative social and exhausting all at the same time.
4. The Michael Wesh videos were really interesting to thing about. I had seen the machine using us one multiple times before, but his students one was new to me. I think the way he tries to incorporate the internet and technology into his class is the right way to go. Things like course era and and kahn academy take this academic spirit and actually teach. 
5. third daily create: love. me and my best friend jake have been attached at the hip since we were five. We have there for each other through our whole lives practically and I could not imagine my world without him. 
6. Intro video– I went skiing this weekend and had a digital diet of sorts with no Wifi. It was interesting going the whole weekend with out media content and constant connections. Luckly I really enjoyed the company of the guys I went with with.

Intro Video

I went skiing this weekend with all boys- who all agreed it would be really cool to my intro while on the lift. Unfortunately, they all had issues using phones/the snow/the wind/wearing gloves. So as epic as we thought filming on the lift would be, the result pales in comparison.