Weekly Recap

This week has gone by very quickly, but it has been great seeing what everybody has been working on!

Photo on 2-17-13 at 9.13 PM

What I look like when iMovie hates me

1. We got started working on project Beardfish, so I found the time to watch Catfish this weekend. People on the internet are so weird

2. I bought an inflatable innertube sled thing to hopefully use if and when we get some more snow( it was on clearance for $2.00)

3. The Everything is a Remix video series was great. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the films. Though I did go back and watch the extra Tarantino one, which is terrific. You can tell the sketch they did on SNL made note of all of his technique.

4. I finished my first video. A supercut of people saying my name

5. I ate popcorn for dinner this evening because I have no other food. I tried to embed the vine video directly into wordpress but the code wasn’t staying after clicking publish which was weird

6. I’m excited to be able to use iMovie now, even if it is in the most basic way!

Video #1- A narcissistic supercut

I love a good supercut. They are a treat for the fan that pays attention to detail and truly loves the little things about the characters that make so unique.

I knew that I wanted to do a supercut of something, but I didn’t know what of exactly. However, in my english class one day we were discussing our names, if we liked them, if we think they are an accurate identifier of ourselves, etc. I discovered I was one of the only people who absolutely LOVES their name.  I display my name everywhere, on jewelry, on doodles, on clothing, and more.

So I got to thinking of other Samanthas and Sams and decided to do a supercut of my favorite Samantha and Sams on movies and TV.

First I made a list of all of the ones I could think of:

Next I found clips of the TV and movies with the Samanthas in them:

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 8.46.52 PM

Then I imported them all into iMovie which took FOREVER because iMovie crashes whenever I import a movie.

I went through all the clips and found the parts where Samantha or Sam is said.

So it maybe narcissistic but here is a Samantha Supercut: