Weekly Recap

1.I’m really excited to start the video portion of class and to see what everyone produces. Making tongue twisters was really funny, and its cool how everyone chose different ones.  I really hope to be able to meet my goals  and make something that’s cool and fun by the end of the unit.

2. Reading the “Syncher and not the Song” was really interesting. It was published in 2006 and since then a LOT has changed in regards to the accessibility of the internet, and video creating software. We all grew up with the ability to post anything we wanted on youtube, the volume of videos available is much greater. And now video creation is changing in the form of Vine.

3. Daily creates this week were really fun and within my realm of abilities. Something broken and something simple on something interesting.

Response- The Syncher, not the the Song

When I first saw this video back in 8th grade, I without a doubt thought that the Gary Brolsma was from whatever country Numa Numa was made in. No way would someone who does not know the meaning of the song be so into to it and be able to lip sync the words so well. To find out that Brolsma is from a New Jersey suburb is a little earth shattering.

The translation of Numa Numa is what killed it; people are indifferent to the meaning as long as the beat is infectious. Someone who learned from this mistake is Psy of Gangnam Style notoriety. He too created a dance that EVERYONE can do and no one knows what it means.

The first time I heard Gangnam Style was over the summer in a bar, not many people knew it, but I knew that it was going to be big.

Psy though made a video as well as a song that was entertaining and memorable, unlike O-Zone.

Even before Psy though, another video that I thought of immediately that made a song huge is Call Me Maybe. Uploaded on February 18, 2012 Justin Bieber, his girlfriend at the time Selena Gomez, disney princess Ashely Tisdale, and his other good looking semi friends made a video of themselves being goofy and dancing around to a song no one had heard of… yet.

After that everyone wanted to know who sang this song, where did it come from, why does Justin Bieber own so many hoodies? This video spawned many other Call Me Maybe videos. Though Carly Rae did have an official video for the song, it was not released for another month, allowing Bieber’s version to circulate and gain attention. People imitated and did their own version of Call Me Maybe. Carly Rae will most likely fall into obscurity and is not likely to have another major hit, but we will forever have Call Me Maybe.