Weekly Recap

So spring break came when my computer finally gave out on me. I left it at the Apple Store for a diagnosis. It is on its deathbed, but it will make it through the rest of the semester thank god. However, it is very slow moving, I know the infinite amount of information that is in it, yet it takes much coercing to extract it. Hopefully its expected recovery will hold true.

1. What was the last lie you told? this vox pop was very fun to do and was interesting to see the different lies that my friends had told. Most told lies about their parents to get out of things and to appease their many questions.

2. Daily Creates: Daydreaming and audio create 2

3. Radio show idea! now to only get my friend to sit down and tell me his very embarrassing story.


“What was the last lie you told?”

For our first audio assignment, my question was highly relevant to what we have been listening to all week. After listening to Deception, I learned that liars sometimes prosper, and that people who lie have more connections in their brains, they are able to lie quickly without thinking about it.

While I was asking people what their last lie was, I happened to only ask one male ( just due to availability of the sample). The only make I asked was the only person to say that they didn’t lie. He wouldn’t tell me, and this statement I immediately took as a lie. It is impossible to get through life without lying to others and ourselves. These lies don’t have to be malicious, as seen in the example of the athletes–telling themselves that are the best, the fastest, champions. Lies are useful, they help to protect people’s feelings, and to protect one’s own reputation.