Design Create #5- Color Splash


CC bowtoo

I luckily found an excellent tutorial on how to do color splash. I chose this photo of blooming cherry blossoms from Flickr. Spring has finally arrived, kind of, and I wanted to highlight the colors of spring in the photo. I used the various red and pinks and made the rest of the dead like branches black and white.

Design Create #3- Truthful Movie Poster



So I learned how to do something other than change the colors, I also know how to cut and blend thing–Big week.

I redid the movie poster for the recently released movie Spring Breakers. Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens have been called out for trying to break out of their Disney past and forge into adult acting. I have not yet seen the movie, but I hope to.These girls took a page out of Miley’s playbook, they can’t be tamed– at least they play girls like that while Miley actually can’t be tamed.

I took out the original title and the actual production company. I replaced it with my own, however I could not find the actual font that was used I tried to use a similar one.Then I added  my own little color commentary about each of the actors in the film. The one no one knows is actually married to the director (he is 14 years her senior).


Weekly Recap

1. We finished our audio section! I really enjoyed working on the dating piece with Bridget. It was fun tricking Erik and Courtney into telling us their sides of the story. And it even resulted in the two of them sort of trying to talk again

2. Tinder is weird wild world of weirdos, I have so many screenshots of the weird messages I’ve gotten I’m considering making a collage.

3. I was home this past weekend and we got a huge snowstorm which trapped me in my house without internet or tv. So I made this.

4. For our own little venture in design I did a troll quote mashing together Meryl Streep, Margaret Thatcher, Hillary Clinton, and Cher Horwitz

5. How Images think response– I really liked these readings, it made me really consider all the various images that we see everyday and the meaning that we are supposed to interpret from them.

Design Create #1

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 3.26.02 PM


I took this picture from my kitchen window when I was home on Friday. I added a filter called “salamander” to the photo to make it look a bit old timey. The first day of spring was Wednesday, and then there was a large snowfall on Friday… the world is coming to an end