Weekly Recap

Design has turned out to be pretty tricky, there a major learning curve with using photoshop. One of my room mates who is in the art school was able to help me a bit though

1. Looking through the albums without sound was really interesting. Putting them together reminded me of the way you put together a stripper name– The name of your first pet and the street that you grew up on. Mine is Ella Franklin

2. So I made my own album cover, but I don’t think I would be into the music of Xianjie Subdistrict

3. There were so many examples of minimalism of things that I like, it was so hard to choose. Do I stay current and do the sigils from Game of Thrones or do I do something a bit older like Jaws. I the end though I chose to do Arrested Developmet–> a crowd pleaser.

4. For the movie poster I was a bit more up to date using a movie that came out only two weekends ago. Spring Breakers has been getting a lot of press regarding the cast, so I just labeled them as they are.

5. Ted Talk– I tried to think of a lot of different movie characters and what their ultimate Ted Talk would be. I chose Shosh from girls, she talks a lot. In the season finale she has a brief monologue going over everything her (ex) boyfriend ray hates.

6. Color Splash– this was definitely my most creative (meaning artistic) creation thus far, I’m really happy with how it turned out


Albums Without Sounds

This was my favorite Album Without Sound. When I was looking through them I was thinking about the type of music that each held and who was in the band. This one seemed like it could be a Black Keys album cover. There are no faces, seemingly older men playing poker–high stakes. I really like the vintage like type face and matching the colors to the colors of the lines on the felt. The title is placed in a space that does not disrupt the images in the  photo. This album is some awesome bluesy rock album, something great to drive along to.