Weekly Recap

This week we learned A LOT of new things, but I really loved the GIF making

1. But we also learned Photoshop, which has a HUGE Learning curve. but I’ll take any sort of practice on it that I can take. We made minimalist posters, I really loved my Party Down one

2. Reading the short story Jon was weird, and I did not understand the connection to gifs until we discussed it in class. We can get closer to a pure communication through shared experiences. GIFs and facial expressions are a part of that ability to share an experience.

3. MAKING GIFS.. high fives for all

4. Daily Shoots! I took every one of of my pictures using my phone, than edited and manipulated them using various apps 



Black and White

Rule of Thirds

Weekly Recap



1. We were able to finish our in class video regarding what the future of education looks like, our group grouped really well together and Brett even worked on it a bit over the weekend

2. I got to tell some awesome jokes to the class, I know I think I’m really funny, which thanks to Ellen was pretty easy to do.

3. I really do not like reality TV, but I succumb to it every once and a while. It is impossible to escape it.

4. My favorite foreign language word is not the most appropriate for class, but it hands down my favorite. I’ve been told though that the yiddish word for condom is Shmeckle Deckle, which is pretty awesome sounding as well.

5. Movies for profit and more profit. This just goes to show how difficult it is to make a non main stream movie in Hollywood, not that there is  anything wrong with the CGI porn of Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer. I have seen every Transformers movie at its midnight premiere so…

6. An inside look into my favorite collection of items–my matchbooks. My does this and so I inherited the habit, we always take them when they are presented at bars or restaurants. I hope one day when I’m a real person my business cards will be matchbooks.

7. I’m so excited to see where this Catfish idea for our class video is going to go. The Catfish show was recently parodied on SNL!

Weekly Recap

1.I’m really excited to start the video portion of class and to see what everyone produces. Making tongue twisters was really funny, and its cool how everyone chose different ones.  I really hope to be able to meet my goals  and make something that’s cool and fun by the end of the unit.

2. Reading the “Syncher and not the Song” was really interesting. It was published in 2006 and since then a LOT has changed in regards to the accessibility of the internet, and video creating software. We all grew up with the ability to post anything we wanted on youtube, the volume of videos available is much greater. And now video creation is changing in the form of Vine.

3. Daily creates this week were really fun and within my realm of abilities. Something broken and something simple on something interesting.