What I learned- Photography Post(Updated)

When I was looking through all of the photography tips and information a lot of it went over my head. I am only used to taking photos, point and shoot, with not ever worrying about the saturation, a vantage point, pixel number etc. In fact, I lost my camera last year, and I have not bothered to replace it. Instead, I rely on my phone to take pictures. More and more people are using their phones as their sole camera, and iPhone photography is becoming a more legitimate art form.


On Photodoto I found a bunch of apps for photo editing and such. I then went to the App Store to see when Apps I could get and play around with (free ones of course). I already use Instagram so I didn’t bother playing with that one.

The first one I tried was PhotoCat- There is a lot to play with in this app, lots and lots of filters, you can make a collage, add a border, enhance the colors, and blur the image. The layout of this app is very simple for all of the things that you can do in it. There are “pro” filters but with the amount offered you would not need to buy more.


The next one I tried was PopAGraph. The graphics for this app were more attractive than the other apps so I thought I was going to like it better, but its features did not match its nice design. It had an in app tutorial, which I think is always a bad sign with an app, they really should be intuitive. The only feature on it was drawing, but I think if you paid for the pro version there would be more.20130410-145658.jpg

However CameraBag is an awesome app. The filters and effects make for really cool pictures. I was surprised with how easy it was and the resulting pictures I would make with it.20130410-145710.jpg


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