This site is like a toolbox for enterprising radio content producers. There is information about how to engage with social media, where to hold a boom, the best products to use, and engaging content. Someone could easily teach themselves how to be a radio star solely from this site.

The lay out is fairly easy to navigate. There are a multitude of hyperlinks to other destinations inside the site. As I tend to do, I clicked on the about section first to see how the creators of the site define it. From that it was easier to get the premise and purpose.

I listened to a few of the stories. I liked the Sonic IDs, the 30-60 clips. They were easy to consume quickly(I especially liked the popcorn one). Although they were short in length, they were effective using different layers of sound and a quick pre and post narration.

I really enjoyed this piece on a toll booth attendant and a woman who felt as though she was above the whole system. I was surprised to hear the narrative voice that was used though, when I scrolled down the picture of the author did not match the person behind the voice I had heard. Toll booth attendants must have a plethora of encounters with people, and I really enjoyed listening and envisioning any sort of parking structure that I had been to.


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