Video #1- A narcissistic supercut

I love a good supercut. They are a treat for the fan that pays attention to detail and truly loves the little things about the characters that make so unique.

I knew that I wanted to do a supercut of something, but I didn’t know what of exactly. However, in my english class one day we were discussing our names, if we liked them, if we think they are an accurate identifier of ourselves, etc. I discovered I was one of the only people who absolutely LOVES their name.  I display my name everywhere, on jewelry, on doodles, on clothing, and more.

So I got to thinking of other Samanthas and Sams and decided to do a supercut of my favorite Samantha and Sams on movies and TV.

First I made a list of all of the ones I could think of:

Next I found clips of the TV and movies with the Samanthas in them:

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 8.46.52 PM

Then I imported them all into iMovie which took FOREVER because iMovie crashes whenever I import a movie.

I went through all the clips and found the parts where Samantha or Sam is said.

So it maybe narcissistic but here is a Samantha Supercut:

Weekly Recap

1. We were able to finish our in class video regarding what the future of education looks like, our group grouped really well together and Brett even worked on it a bit over the weekend

2. I got to tell some awesome jokes to the class, I know I think I’m really funny, which thanks to Ellen was pretty easy to do.

3. I really do not like reality TV, but I succumb to it every once and a while. It is impossible to escape it.

4. My favorite foreign language word is not the most appropriate for class, but it hands down my favorite. I’ve been told though that the yiddish word for condom is Shmeckle Deckle, which is pretty awesome sounding as well.

5. Movies for profit and more profit. This just goes to show how difficult it is to make a non main stream movie in Hollywood, not that there is  anything wrong with the CGI porn of Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer. I have seen every Transformers movie at its midnight premiere so…

6. An inside look into my favorite collection of items–my matchbooks. My does this and so I inherited the habit, we always take them when they are presented at bars or restaurants. I hope one day when I’m a real person my business cards will be matchbooks.

7. I’m so excited to see where this Catfish idea for our class video is going to go. The Catfish show was recently parodied on SNL!

Response- Writing Movies for Fun and (Profit)

First off, this was written by the guys who are in Wet Hot American Summer, so immediately I am going to believe what they are talking about.

I am well known among my friends to be able to predict the major storylines and plots in movies and TV shows. It is often annoying for others, but I don’t understand why they can’t see what the progression in the same way I can.

It’s because movies and TV follow simple story lines and formulas. Most people don’t want to have to think too hard when watching TV/movies because they use it as form of escape from their actual lives which should require thought.

This directly relates to the debate in class regarding reality TV. With so much reality shows in the TV landscape, the scripted shows have to branch out in other ways–thinking ways. The scripted shows cannot compete with the simple story easy to follow dramas of reality programming.

Movies are in the same boat at reality TV. People are dropping money to go to a movie and they are not looking to pay to feel stupid by not being able to fully understand the story. Movies are shifting into massive CGI and 3D extravaganzas instead of challenging audiences. Every studio wants a franchise series that can make bank for years to come.

Response- The Reality Principle

I guess I am a TV snob, I am one of those people mentioned in The Reality Principle who “brag about having seen every episode of “Friday Night Lights” will brag, too, that they have never laid eyes on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” I try my best to stay away from all forms of Reality TV, I have a great appreciation for real actors, writers, directors who work on great pieces of TV. Especially today when the TV show landscape is so rich with characters as compared to the movies. TV is not the lower form of art as compared to movies.. but when reality TV is factored they are on equal footing.

Try as I might, I still can’t totally get away from reality TV. The Real World is my ultimate guilty pleasure, I love watching trying to guess who is going to hate eachother, what the house is going to look like, who is going to be paired up with whom, what type of job they will have ( though they rarely have jobs on the show anymore).

It is impossible to fully escape reality television, and its getting more difficult to figure out if the reality being shown on TV is  a reflection of actual reality or the reality is being adapted from these TV shows.

When Laguna Beach first aired it was promoted as the “Real Orange County” as compared to the scripted on The OC, but Laguna Beach has had much more visibility and even spawned spinoffs following the characters past high school, The Hills, The City, etc. Yet, the stars of young stars of The OC have not yet again had major success on TV.

It will always be fun to watch the problems of the rich and beautiful unfold on TV–but which ones will prevail?



Weekly Recap

1.I’m really excited to start the video portion of class and to see what everyone produces. Making tongue twisters was really funny, and its cool how everyone chose different ones.  I really hope to be able to meet my goals  and make something that’s cool and fun by the end of the unit.

2. Reading the “Syncher and not the Song” was really interesting. It was published in 2006 and since then a LOT has changed in regards to the accessibility of the internet, and video creating software. We all grew up with the ability to post anything we wanted on youtube, the volume of videos available is much greater. And now video creation is changing in the form of Vine.

3. Daily creates this week were really fun and within my realm of abilities. Something broken and something simple on something interesting.