Video #3- What is Informatics?

I have had this conversation too many times to count

” So what’s your major?”

“Communications and Informatics”

“Oh, cool…..”

Whoever I am talking to usually has no idea what I’m talking about when I say what my second major is, and I have to prompt them to feel comfortable with admitting that they do not know the hell I am talking about.

This is a very common problem for all informatics majors, so Bridget and I decided to make a video answering this very question.

We were able to quickly round up a number of people in our major. I rented a camera from ISS  it was a very dinky thing)and interviewed all of our peers. They were all asked the same questions and gave great answers. It was funny to hear how everyone described it. One of the questions I asked was to describe Informatics in the way you explain it to your parents friends, which is always the most difficult group of people to explain to.

Bridget hard at work editing

Bridget hard at work editing

For those out of the loop, Vidal is the reason why half of us are graduating. He was our IA in EECS 282 and for other in SI 182 ( Java and Pyhton respectively) and we are all obsessed with him.

we love (cheesey bread) Vidal

we ❤ Vidal

So here is our What is Informatics video:

And our favorite would be informatics major — Tom Haverford:

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