Response- Writing Movies for Fun and (Profit)

First off, this was written by the guys who are in Wet Hot American Summer, so immediately I am going to believe what they are talking about.

I am well known among my friends to be able to predict the major storylines and plots in movies and TV shows. It is often annoying for others, but I don’t understand why they can’t see what the progression in the same way I can.

It’s because movies and TV follow simple story lines and formulas. Most people don’t want to have to think too hard when watching TV/movies because they use it as form of escape from their actual lives which should require thought.

This directly relates to the debate in class regarding reality TV. With so much reality shows in the TV landscape, the scripted shows have to branch out in other ways–thinking ways. The scripted shows cannot compete with the simple story easy to follow dramas of reality programming.

Movies are in the same boat at reality TV. People are dropping money to go to a movie and they are not looking to pay to feel stupid by not being able to fully understand the story. Movies are shifting into massive CGI and 3D extravaganzas instead of challenging audiences. Every studio wants a franchise series that can make bank for years to come.


4 thoughts on “Response- Writing Movies for Fun and (Profit)

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  2. Just wanted to add that when it comes to movie blockbusters, those films usually are intentionally simplified to appeal to a mass international audience. Most of the profits from big films like Transformers come from overseas, with the idea (right or wrong) being that emotional depth in American films don’t translate as well as scenes where robot cars fight each other. Mainstream films cater to the lowest common denominator in order to reach the largest group of people and allow studios to make more money off of their films.

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