Response- The Reality Principle

I guess I am a TV snob, I am one of those people mentioned in The Reality Principle who “brag about having seen every episode of “Friday Night Lights” will brag, too, that they have never laid eyes on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” I try my best to stay away from all forms of Reality TV, I have a great appreciation for real actors, writers, directors who work on great pieces of TV. Especially today when the TV show landscape is so rich with characters as compared to the movies. TV is not the lower form of art as compared to movies.. but when reality TV is factored they are on equal footing.

Try as I might, I still can’t totally get away from reality TV. The Real World is my ultimate guilty pleasure, I love watching trying to guess who is going to hate eachother, what the house is going to look like, who is going to be paired up with whom, what type of job they will have ( though they rarely have jobs on the show anymore).

It is impossible to fully escape reality television, and its getting more difficult to figure out if the reality being shown on TV is  a reflection of actual reality or the reality is being adapted from these TV shows.

When Laguna Beach first aired it was promoted as the “Real Orange County” as compared to the scripted on The OC, but Laguna Beach has had much more visibility and even spawned spinoffs following the characters past high school, The Hills, The City, etc. Yet, the stars of young stars of The OC have not yet again had major success on TV.

It will always be fun to watch the problems of the rich and beautiful unfold on TV–but which ones will prevail?




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