Weekly Recap

Woo week 2 is done, and here is another list!

1. With only one class this week we didn’t get to start our new projects, but our conversation about education was really in depth, and it was compelling to hear all our thoughts and ideas. I found this satire from Salon written by author Adam Mansbach of “Go the Fuck to Sleep“. It’s a fake syllabus from a professor who realizes the limitations of the classroom, very interesting looking at thinks from the other side.  salon.com

2. There were some really interesting daily creates this wee. The first one I did was about the sky, and first think I thought of as a descriptive was “What’s up?”, because I still have the humor of a 5th grader.  I don’t think I ever really describe the sky with color in mind.

3. One of my really good friends is an intern at Michigan Radio this semester,so I got a chance to talk to him about what he does and how he likes it. He told me that he thinks they do a better job managing the Facebook page than Twitter. He is a news junkie, so he told me some cool things he’s been able to do since working there. I liked looking at the site, the navigation was a little confusing though. Michigan Radio

4. Sunday’s daily create was really fun. I liked looking at everyone else’s post and seeing how the described their breakfast and thinking about what they actually ate. Brett’s and Ariana’s looked really good(and mine).

5. The Harvard Business Review articles were really great. I agree that the commonly used image of marketing and decisionmaking being a tunnel is outdated and that the Customer Decision journey is a much better outlook. Purchasing truly is a journey and the relationship between the consumer and brand that forms can be maintained by the highest level of possible (the CEO).


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