Response to HBR Articles

(This guy is awesome and this campaign was great)

Social Media has broken down the wall between consumer and the products that they buy. Any company would be failing by not allocating funds towards the usability of a website, social media specialists, and excellent customer service. All things are key for having a positive reputation online as well as in stores.

In the essay “What’s Your Personal Social Media Strategy?” I agree that all CEOs and those people who speak for large companies need to get a type of social media account. Being active on Twitter can humanize a figure who usually represents fiscal security, it adds klout to your know how, and make it seem like you know how to connect with others. I think the issue with the lack of CEOs being on social media sites is the generational gap. Our parents and grandparents have a notion that everything should be private, and place a very high value on personal privacy. However, it is my own belief that nothing will be private in the future. People must be aware that their lives are very well documented and finable online. As soon as this is accepted, than tweeting and going on facebook is easier to join in on.

Adding authenticity is something that social media allows companies and their spokes people to do, as was talked about in “Branding in the Digital Age: You’re Spending Your Money in All the Wrong Places”. In terms of spokespeople it can show who is actually using a product, which was an issue for Microsoft and their endorsement from Oprah regarding their new tablet, the Surface.Oprah’s endorsement made me consider getting the Surface, since she is someone who I absolutely trust when it comes to product recommendations. However, she tweeted how much loved her Surface tablet from her iPad! Although she is a great endorsment, her readers and fans know that she doesn’t actually use the device.


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