Michigan Radio

The Michigan Radio is very representative of what the radio station is about. Its too flashy, and just serious enough to attract its NPR listening audience.  I thought their way of color coding the :most Active Stories” was interesting and reminds me of the national security color scale. The chart does not say why the story is “active”: active in what? In click rates, Facebook likes/comments, Twitter click throughs?

From michiganradio.org

I looked at both their Facebook page and Twitter feed, and found that they have more followers on Twitter than likes on Facebook by about 2,000. However, I thought that the Facebook page was more interactive with audience members. I followed their recent hashtag “earlyed” about a childhood education. The feed was really successful and engaging; it is still continuing after the broadcast.

I don’t usually listen to NPR, but when I was looking at the website I clicked on the “Listen Live” feature to help get a sense of what would be to be playing at the time. It is show called “Ask Me Another” which I immediately fell in love with. It was a whole show about trivia, puzzles and knowing more than other people–which I love.

I read through a couple of articles on the site each day, but here are the ones I really liked:

About the “Harbaugl” and the Harbaughs ties to Ann Arbor as well as Michigan 

What a “scrum” is, and how petrifying it would be to be in one

A new segment about the English language with one of housemates favorite professors

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