Weekly Recap

I am big on lists, so this is going to be in list format.
1.  I thought a lot about my favorite place to do work and I realized that I really only do work where my friends are- since going to the library alone makes it very difficult to go to the bathroom since there is no one to watch your stuff.
2. Talking about copyright and reading about creative commons was really interesting. I thought it was really important that we learn about the death of Aaron Swartz since his story is one that is going be monumental to the future development of copyright
3. The second daily create- your favorite thing? Skiing, I am from Colorado and have been skiing my whole life, I am happiest when i am skiing and the sun is out and theres fresh snow. its meditative social and exhausting all at the same time.
4. The Michael Wesh videos were really interesting to thing about. I had seen the machine using us one multiple times before, but his students one was new to me. I think the way he tries to incorporate the internet and technology into his class is the right way to go. Things like course era and and kahn academy take this academic spirit and actually teach. 
5. third daily create: love. me and my best friend jake have been attached at the hip since we were five. We have there for each other through our whole lives practically and I could not imagine my world without him. 
6. Intro video– I went skiing this weekend and had a digital diet of sorts with no Wifi. It was interesting going the whole weekend with out media content and constant connections. Luckly I really enjoyed the company of the guys I went with with.

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