Michael Wesch Response

I have seen the video “The Machine Is Using Us” a number of times before in other classes, and what always shocks is how relevant it still is when it was posted to YouTube in 2007. This video has helped me define what Web 2.0 is to me. I think the video is an excellent trip through the history of the internet and into the anatomy. I love that he views the source of pages; I think its important for people to see the languages that the internet is written to appreciate the great improvements that have been made technology. Wesch’s video is O’Reilly’s piece in a visual format.

Wesch’s video “A Vision of Student’s Today” is an interesting look into the effect of technology on education. Is technology conducive to student’s learning? I personally think it is. Again this video was made in 2007, and some may argue that there are even more distractions on the internet than there was 6 years ago. However I think the main achievement of this video is lost within the first minute and a half: 200 student contributed to the making of the document that is used in this video.

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 7.39.13 PM

Never before has so many student been able to communicate, edit, survey, etc. all together at the same time. Edits are marked, student can chat with each other while viewing the document. Wesch is a big proponent for using new technologies for educational purposes, however this video may come off as though he is pointing out the bad aspects that the internet has brought to the education system. I agree that the internet can be a huge distraction, but I think that if a student is engaged and interesting in the topic than they will be able to use self control ( or at least an app to simulate it). I think the real disconnect is between educators and their use of technology in class. I think if professors want to be able to get through to their students they need to speak in a language that their students will understand and will be engaged in.


2 thoughts on “Michael Wesch Response

  1. Great post, but I have to disagree a bit about what Wesch is saying about teachers and students. I think Wesch is VERY sympathetic to the situation that students are in, and I think he blames either educators or the system or both for not providing compelling material. Of course, the system can only be responsible for so much. If you assign a very relevant, important, timely two-hour video for class, the students still have to go and watch it and not be on FB, right? Everybody needs to re-think their position, their decisions, their values. It’s not one side or the other, I think, it’s both.

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