Bringing back common sense

I have a huge tech crush on Lawrence Lessig and have for a while. I have had to read his opinions in many of my classes and always look forward to hearing his point of view. I classify him as an adult who “gets it”

In his ted talk about creativity and the law whole heartedly agree with him that making the majority of the youth population aware that they are breaking the law and making them feel ok with it is “corrosive to society”. It is shocking how ok we have all been with being labeled as law breakers and the extent of who exactly is breaking the law.

The spreading of the ability to manipulate video and images as Lessig says has democratized the ability to create. Just as Guttenberg‘s ( not this one) allowed for the mass availability of books which then spawned social change like no other, this diffusion is also spreading change. The type of change is highly illegal though in the eyes of the law. Like Lessig, I think the law makers today need to get a heavy dose of common sense and wake up from the notion that a digital manipulation is not a violation of copyright. Especially in the wake of Aaron Swartz‘s suicide, the penalties inflicted for trying something new online should be reconsidered.

When I am home, I am known to my parents and my parents friends as their own personal IT girl. I am called over to houses to help set up wireless, download tv shows, and give advice as to what  are the best ways to circumvent the law to watch the latest season of Homeland. When I tell that the way that I’m going to show them isn’t exactly legal, they show no qualms. Breaking the law is ok when it comes to getting media content, and I love to show them how to do it. Why? I truly believe that the airwaves belong to the people, and if you pay for content than you should be able to watch it on any device at any time. Does that make me a pirate? Maybe so.

I would rock a pirate hat CC flickr user: slaup


2 thoughts on “Bringing back common sense

  1. I agree that if you pay for content you should be able to access it at any time. At school where I don’t have DVR, I can’t record television shows that I want to watch at a later time, and then I have to wait days or even a week sometimes to access it legally on the network’s website or on Hulu. But there are plenty of other ways to access the content (which I have paid for with my cable subscription) illegally.

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